About us

Founded in 2003, AnyChart is a global leader in Interactive Data Visualization. Our solutions have helped thousands of satisfied customers increase revenues, reduce operational costs, and better serve their customers. Right data visualization helps transform operational data into actionable information.

Investor Relations (IR) charting solution provides best in class web-based widgets for the IR communication pages of our customers. IR Charts are technologically advanced and provide a user-friendly interface for investors and the general public, along with seamless integration for our customers.

Investor relations is one of the "Big 4" standard components of a corporate website. Nowadays, investors and the general public assume they can go to a company web site to research a current or potential investment.

Companies must provide IR information to attract and retain investors, they also must be realistic about the types of content and features that users need most. Offering a simple design and consistent story about your company is better than drowning users in tables and reports.

IR Charts stock widgets provide the data in beautiful, easy to read, and easy to explore ways. Getting AnyChart IR Charts running on your corporate website will take almost no time, our interactive charts will work in all modern browsers and display properly on mobile devices.