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This tutorial explains how to create, configure, and add IR Charts widgets to your webpage.
Just take a few simple steps listed below.

Sign Up

To sign up to IR Charts,

  1. Go to the Sign up page.
  2. Fill in the form.
  3. Click SIGN UP.
  4. Follow the instructions emailed to you.

To set your tickers,
  1. In the Tickers box, start entering the ticker.
  2. Select the ticker from the drop-down menu.
  3. Add more tickers if needed.

If your ticker is not yet available, you can set a substitute ticker:

  1. In the Tickers box, enter your ticker.
  2. Click the notification Ticker not found, click here to set a substitute ticker.
  3. In the dialog, go to the Substitute ticker box and start entering the substitute ticker.
  4. Select the substitute ticker from the drop-down menu and click CONFIRM.
When your ticker is available, it will be automatically used instead of the substitute ticker.


The IR Charts Stock Widgets solution provides the following widget types:

  • Ticker
  • Card
  • Chart
  • Lookup
Each widget supports a number of pre-configured templates and customization options. To learn more about widget types and the available templates, see the subsections below.


The Ticker widget is a quick-glance bar with stock prices. Ticker adds a scrolling tape with the latest stock quotes, like those used on stock exchanges. Ticker supports the following templates:

  • Basic
  • Compact
  • Two rows
  • Up-Down
  • Dotted


The Info Card widget lets you display the intraday of company stocks. Several cards can be grouped together to display quotes of multiple assets using the same style. Card supports the following templates:

  • Basic
  • Top border
  • Circle
  • Stock info


The Advanced Chart widget is a powerful charting solution that can be easily embedded into a company website. Match the chart style to your corporate branding by personalizing its appearance. Chart supports the following templates:

  • Light theme
  • Dark theme


The Historical Lookup widget allows you to see the company stock price at any date and calculate the profit depending on the investment day. Lookup supports the following templates:

  • Basic
  • Compact
  • With input
  • Calendar

Create and Configure

To create and configure a widget,

  1. Go to Widgets.
  2. Click ADD WIDGET. The configuration page will open.
  3. Select a widget type in the Select widget type panel.
  4. Select a template in the Select widget template panel.
  5. Type the name in the Widget name input.
  6. Select a ticker from the Ticker drop-down menu.
  7. Customize the widget: set widget elements, colors, etc.
Please note that for different widget types and templates, different customization options are available.


You can preview your widget before saving it, while you are still on the configuration page:

  1. Click the PREVIEW button on the Your widget panel.
  2. A page template with a live widget will open, allowing you to see how the widget may look on your website.


To save your widget,

  1. Make sure that the name you specified in the Widget name input is unique (different from the names of other widgets).
  2. Click SAVE.


To embed a widget on a website,

  • Go to the Widgets page.
  • Hover over a widget.
  • Click EMBED.
  • Copy the HTML code.
  • Paste the code into your HTML page (wherever you want to display the widget).
  • Customize <div> using CSS if needed.


You can manage your widgets. Go to the Widgets page. , hover over any widget, and use the following options:

  • PREVIEW to preview the widget
  • EMBED to get the HTML code for embedding
  • EDIT to open the configuration page
  • DELETE to delete the widget


To create your own widget based on the data from an IR Charts widget, use a JSON feed. You can get the link to the feed in the EMBED window:

  1. Go to the Widgets page.
  2. Hover over a widget.
  3. Click EMBED.
  4. Click JSON.
  5. Copy the link.